Global inspection-/ Verification Services

Unfortunately, your suppliers’ products often will not live up to your quality requirements today.

We specialize in ensuring that your quality standards are met thanks to our global network of highly qualified inspectors. Of course, we always work in compliance with all national and international standards.

We will review compliance of your suppliers and manufacturers with your quality requirements on your order.

Detailed reporting with photographs and quick data exchange in our specialist network ensures smooth workflows and information flows to keep you up to date at all times.

Supply chains of several products not only need to be handled to minimize risks, reduce costs and delays, and optimize safety and quality. All required specifications and standards must be met and maintained as well.

Our network of experienced and qualified experts / inspectors is strategically distributed to cover the major industrial centers.

Our technical specialists will always be there for you, from daily inspections to long-term assignments (as residents). They perform inspection and verification services whenever and wherever they are needed. Our core competencies include the inspection of materials, parts, and components, such as piping (pipes, pipe bends, joints, welds, etc.), turbines, compressors, valves, pumps, and other components. This is complemented by our process-specific expertise in areas such as fabrication, welding and production, measurement and control systems, coatings, and non-destructive testing.

We also ensure continuous training, qualification, and review of the skills of our employees or inspectors in order to meet the ever-changing requirements in the fields of technology and services.

Our many years of experience in the field of inspections at the manufacturer’s site that we have been able to demonstrate in several technically challenging projects in the last few years, keeps on proving just how important it is to have the right partners at your side for a successful project.